Rip Valley was born and concepted in 2021 and joined the Phoenix Arts’ District, Roosevelt Row, in 2022. Through a series of unlikely events, a group of crazy, fanatical, and obsessed sports card junkies gathered in Phoenix and shared COVID, but then decided to embark on a journey to create the “card shop” they all wished existed. 

Rip Valley provides live breaking experiences, virtual and “hybrid” breaks along with offering an extensive selection of sealed wax and singles for sale. In addition to all things sports card culture, the shop carries a curated selection of sneakers and apparel as well as random stuff we love, but are begrudgingly willing to sell (only for a large profit to fuel our own breaking habits).  

Only to complicate things further, there are a few financial nerds involved in this crazy journey, who have invented new breaking formats based upon the financial models used by hedge funds and investors, with “breaking insurance” options for participants and multi-round tournament style breaks that will take place over multiple days. Worried about getting eliminated in the first round?  Buy the insurance or take the risk. 

Roosevelt Row is known for the bar and nightlight scene, where you can buy strangers drinks with the hope of scoring big, or just use your money on real fun and rip wax and use your major hits to improve your odds at obtaining true happiness. We make it convenient at the shop or in a bar near you (well near you if you’re in RoRo).